2016 - 2017

open\HSR is a society founded by students of HSR to promote open-source culture and open-source projects at HSR.

Together with a couple of fellow students, I revived and rebranded an abandoned society (formerly know as alt.comp.hsr)


The open\HSR website helps students to get started using Linux with the infrastructure at HSR. This is not trivial because the IT department only supports Windows. We started by copying my personal website (you might recognise the "Tipps & Tricks" page) and later realised auto-deployment with Travis-CI. I mostly contributed content (documentation on how to set up VPN, printing and so on).


open\HSR connect

I envisioned the open\HSR connect to be the tool new students install with one click, enter their credentials and just start working. Connect takes care of printing, access to the file server as well as synchronisation and more.

We implemented file synchronisation, printing support (using emails :wink:) and automatic updates for Ubuntu and Fedora by setting up package repositories and an automated packaging process.

As other study projects took more of my time, I reduced my involvement in this project.

Git/Github Workshop

When I started to study, I realised early on that using version control is not really a priority in the curriculum. Only two hours are committed to version control (and Git in particular) - in the third semester.

This motivated me to create a workshop that helps students using and understanding Git efficiently on a daily basis.

I run this workshop twice with over 30 participants.